Potty Training the Boys: Real Advice from Real #BoyMoms | Hi Lovely

BRB – we’re covering the floors in tarps and sheets and hopping on the Potty Training Express. But in all seriousness I’ve partnered with Pampers Easy Ups to bring you real advice for potty training BOYS from real BOY moms.

Potty Training the Boys: Real Advice from Real #BoyMoms | Hi Lovely

Easy Ups are the #1 item that moms have told me help transition their sons out of diapers during the day. Here are some of the tips that I found helped me in training boys to transition out of diapers:

  1. Let him run around naked… that way he starts to recognize the feeling … and what happens with that feeling.
  2. Teach sitting down to pee first. It makes it easier to learn to poop. Sometimes it happens simultaneously and if he’s standing…. 😬
  3. A container of jelly beans in the bathroom. He gets one when he pees or poops. 😬
  4. I put the potty in the living room and he basically went naked for the first day and I asked him if he had to potty like every 5 mins it seemed like. Second day, he had undies and I only had to change them a couple times because he would start using the bathroom, but then catch himself. By the third day he didn’t have any accidents. I’m sure I bought some cavities because each time he went, he got an m&m and so did I!
  5. Although I hated when people told me this, my best advice is to do it when he’s ready. I would try with Grady for a couple of days (hard core), and if at the beginning of Day 3 he was still having more accidents than successes, I’d stop. We’d go back to diapers for a few weeks, reset, and try again. It sounds counterproductive, but honestly, it saved us both so many tears and so much frustration. The third time we tried, he just got it. Right away. Not a single accident since. Not one.
  6. If he’s showing signs of being ready, go for it. If not, don’t stress. Potty training when he’s not ready isn’t worth it. Most importantly, be consistent and super positive! Good luck!
  7. Yes, put wine in your coffee cup in the morning because at some point during the day you’ll find yourself on the floor in the bathroom crying and wine always makes it better. 🍷
  8. Aim to hit the cheerios or fruit loops when standing up…my kiddo always responded to some sort of reward too (an M&M or two). 😬 Good luck!
  9. Yes to big boy underwear under pull ups.
  10. Do recommend sitting him on the toilet backward. I like the attachment that fits over the toilet seat. At this stage, just get him comfortable with the toilet. With your brother, we lit a candle every time he sat on the toilet. When he produced, he got to blow out the candle.

For more tips on potty training your little one, please visit https://www.pampers.com/en-us/toddler/potty-training/article/potty-training-tips-step-by-step-potty-training

Potty Training the Boys: Real Advice from Real #BoyMoms | Hi Lovely
Potty Training the Boys: Real Advice from Real #BoyMoms | Hi Lovely
Potty Training the Boys: Real Advice from Real #BoyMoms | Hi Lovely
 Potty Training the Boys: Real Advice from Real #BoyMoms | Hi Lovely

Well that’s a lot to digest, I’m sure. Basically wait until they’re ready, have a bottle of wine on hand and aim for cheerios. I think I’m equipped for that!