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Last year of me being able to say I’m still in my twenties. That’s going to be weird. Speaking of weird… Want to know some weird things about me? I know you do! Read below for 29 things you didn’t know about me on my 29th birthday. Have fun and DON’T JUDGE. 🙂

Hi Lovely | Keilany K Photo | Show Me Your Mumu


1. I used to HATE Austin. (I know, stupid, right?!)
2. I quit my job in San Antonio after a visit to SXSW and moved to ATX a month later.
3. My husband and I met on eHarmony. 🙂 (The shit works.)
4. I graduated college in 3.5 years.
5. I am OBSESSED with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
6. I have a serious sweet tooth.
7. Not a huge fan of massages. They always hurt.
8. I hate feet. (So gross.)
9. My family goes back to the beginnings of Marfa, TX.
10. My ancestor Lizzie Crosson was on of the first cowgirls in Texas. (Serious bad ass.)
11. I took 8 years of French and can only say “Hello my name is Erin.” (Total fail.)
12. I would move to the British Virgin Islands tomorrow.
13. Love me some brussel sprouts.
14. Chipotle is my absolute favorite restaurant. (I get extra extra white rice.)
15. If you cut me open I’d bleed guacamole. (And I say it “Wuac-A-Mole”)
16. I hate wearing heels. (I’ve been called HEB feet more than enough times while out.)
17. I have a serious addiction to neighborhood swap pages.
18. Dancing like a complete weirdo with my best friend Ashley is my favorite past time.
19. After having a kid I have weird anxiety in big groups.
20. Total introvert until you get to know me. (Was quite the opposite as a child.)
21. Team Aniston.
22. Team Conrad. (Anyone obsessed with Laguna Beach back in the day??!)
23. I have a problem of buying craft projects and NEVER doing them.
24. I also bought a sewing machine to make all my son’s clothes. (BAHAHA)
25. Instagram is my favorite social channel.
26. I would live in lululemon compression tights if I could.
27. I like saltier chocolate chip cookies.
28. I don’t feel the desire to ever go to Hawaii. (No idea why? Just don’t feel like it’s a bucket list…)
29. I would love to circumnavigate the world with my husband one day!


That’s that. Cheers to 29.

Hi Lovely | Keilany K Photo | Show Me Your Mumu

So… What surprised you most??

Photos by Keilany K Photography.

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